Split Locations - Part 1

Are you or your partner considering living in two separate countries? There are more families doing this than you may think! Here are a few things to consider and a link to a checklist of questions to answer. Download the checklist  here

It's a marathon!

"My husband is working in another country and I am exhausted but I have to keep going!"  I hear you. This lifestyle feels like running a marathon sometimes, with no arrival line! Get the Coaching Guide on Endurance here

One couple

even miles apart

Create a joint life, a common narrative. Lean towards your spouse and let them influence you. In this video, I look at how you can use the distance to strengthen your couple. 

"There is no time for what I need!"


It is when there is no time, or when a crisis hits, that it is vital to NOT discount our needs. Take responsibility for getting them met, acknowledge feelings surrounding them, identifying them will help. And remember, needs change over time so make sure you re-evaluate regularly, 

Include the parent

working away from home

Don't wait for a child to ask to talk to Mummy or talk to Daddy. If you are the travelling partner, find common passions with your kids so that your phone conversations will be natural. For the non-travelling partner, include your traveller into daily life by referring to them and encouraging your children to share pictures, videos and messages with them. 

Boys missing Dad