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Global Mobility

Families in Global Transition is a ‘forum for individuals and families that are globally mobile. They have a list of partners that range from coaches to organisations. Their website is full of useful resources and is well worth a visit. 

I am a Triangle is an online community for those who are living abroad, considering a life in a new country or those returning home after being abroad.


This Messy, Mobile Life by Mariam Ottimofiore is one-of-a-kind. It not only captures the joys and challenges of living as global, multicultural and multilingual families, it provides thought-provoking tools to apply in our own contexts. 

Writing out of Limbo, edited by Gene H.Bell-Villada and Nina Sichel, with Faith Eidse and Elaine Neil Orr, is a collection of “personal essays and scholarly articles, of memoirs, ‘hard’ researches, and thought pieces; of subjective evocations together with more objectively oriented psychological, or sociological, or literary investigations of the issue of growing up globally - and its long-term after effects.” 

The Trailing Spouse Reimagined, by Rylla Resler, Francesca Incocciati, Adriana Quarck, is based on dozens of interviews with men and women who have relocated to Switzerland for their partners' career, The Trailing Spouse Reimagined explores the real challenges and true joys of life abroad as a trailing partner. Expat readers everywhere will be inspired by the personal and professional dexterity of these often-invisible travelers. Swiss readers will learn about their neighbours from abroad. This book is for anyone who has ever moved abroad

TED Talk by Teiya Selasion answering the question: ‘Where are you from?’

Working in an international team

The Culture Map, by Erin Meyer, masterfully uncovers the subtleties of culture, how the differences affect business and how awareness of them transforms interactions. Although this book is geared towards business teams, it gives vital cultural insights for people who are from multicultural backgrounds, who are married interculturally or who are living cross-culturally. A must-read!

When Cultures Collide, by Richard D. Lewis provides leaders and managers with practical strategies to embrace differences and successfully work across diverse business cultures.

Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural Marriage, Promises and Pitfalls, by Dugan Romano is a must-read for anyone who doesn’t share a culture with their partner. She sets the scene beautifully in the first few chapters on how we interact with culture, then, as she weaves in personal stores, she addresses frequent challenges for intercultural spouses.

Third Culture Kids Books

Misunderstood, by Tanya Crossman is mostly about Third-Culture and Cross-Cultural Kids. They are children who have moved countries and cultures because of their parents’ employment. She writes about their shared experience and challenges. Follow her on Linkedin or check her website regularly for her list of recommended reading.

The Global Nomad’s Guide to University transition, by Tina L Quick is the ultimate guide for a TCK moving to university back in their ‘home country’. Going to university in a country you are supposed to know everything about because it is your passport country and yet know so little about, has the potential of being a harrowing experience. But it doesn’t have to be, thanks to this helpful book.

Belonging Nowhere and Everywhere, Counselling the globally mobile, by Lois Bushong is one of my favourite books on this topic. It is actually a counselling book but is pretty readable even for someone who has no counselling background. It helped me understand why I was reacting in certain ways. For example, it covers the different types of grief, sometimes buried deep or under different guises.  It explains how TCKs are different, and the importance for counsellors in particular to take into account their diverse cultural life experiences.  I identified with many of the stories and it helped me feel less alone. 

Expat bookshop specialises in books by and for people who live or have lived overseas. You can also find a directory of TCK and CCK blogs and websites under TCK Resources.


TCK Services

TCK counselling services, Dawn Purver is a private practitioner providing both counselling and psychotherapy. She specialises in Cross-Cultural work, issues relating to third-culture and re-entry into birth country.

Expat Kids Club is an English-speaking child and adolescent psychotherapy practice providing individualized support to expatriate children and psychological relocation consultation to businesses. Follow Kate S. Berger on Linkedin for articles on supporting the emotional well-being of expat children,

Moving Kids

My moving booklet, by Valerie Besanceney, It is designed to help children through the initial stages of an upcoming move,

My Very exciting, Sorta Scary Big Move, guides children aged 5-11 step by step through the entire moving process, including understanding change, strategies for managing emotions, ways to say goodbye, taking part in a new adventure, tips for making new friends, and more.

The Kid in the Red Jacket, by Barbara Park is the story of a teen who is the new kid in town and how he adjusts.

Inside Out, the movie, takes us through the emotions of moving. It is only when we can acknowledge sadness that we can truly be happy again.

The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day is a great story for kindergarden and pre-school kids. 

Re entry

Helen Watts at Wattsyourpath is a coach providing debriefing and coaching for those who have returned from living overseas.



Multiple languages and Language Learning

Multilingual Parenting is run by a group of language coaches. It is an excellent resource if you are raising children in more than one language. There is the possibility of having sessions with one of their coaches to ask any specific questions. 

Lindsaydoeslanguages is a brilliant resource. Lindsay has a Successful Self-Study course that helps you figure out how YOU best learn languages. She has a Language Study Club, a Facebook Language Learning Group. It is not about learning one particular language but about HOW you learn a language, You can even book Language Coaching sessions with her. She can help you set language goals and help you achieve them. Superb!

Whatever language you would like to learn, you can probably find a teacher on italki. Browse the list of teachers for your chosen language, choose one and start learning! A practical, cost-effective, efficient and flexible way of learning languages. is a fun blog on being a multicultural, multilingual family!