Covid, toothaches and leaking roofs

I'd say! Life is full of twists and turns. On top of dealing with the consequences of Covid in every day life and long-term separation from loved ones, toothaches still happen, things break around the house, loved ones fall ill, not necessarily from the virus.

Sounds like what this week has been like in our home.

I wonder: why are we surprised by surprises seeing as life is full of them? It's the nature of the surprise that's the issue, isn't it? Some are happy surprises, others bring uncertainty, mess up our plans, maybe mean that we will lose something or someone we love or we have been relying on.

I spent most of Monday afternoon recouping, praying, meditating, walking around in a daze, desperately trying to calm myself down.

Over this crazy week, I ramped up the self care. Big time. I love something that Sundae Schneider Bean said this week in the free workshop called ‘Getting unstuck when you are in a rut’ that she offered in her private group ‘Expats on Purpose’. She said: “If there is an extra load, I have to be extra resourceful.” So true. Ramp up the self-care from every angle: partake deeply of what will resource you,

If there is an extra load, I have to be extra resourceful.” Sundae Schneider Bean

Cultivate self-care on the go as you may not have the opportunity to stop everything and go for a nap. Pause throughout the day and check your breathing, Use your senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight. My mother gave me some soaps from Marseille that remind me of my childhood. A whiff of those just calms me down. Enjoy a quick hand massage with a dollop of cream and savor a minute of relaxation. Let your mind wonder for that minute. Instead of listening to music, put sounds of birds, of a waterfall, or of ocean waves.

What can you do to take care of yourself on the go?

Phase 2 will be moving into ‘to do’ mode and what help I am going to need.

At the end of this difficult week, this is what comes to mind. May it be an encouragement to you if you are struggling.

Faith: What role does faith play in your life? How has it helped you in the past? How can you deepen it in these difficult times?

Hope: what do you hope for? Hope is more than a wish, more than optimism, Thomas Aquinas argues, that It incorporates both knowledge of the possible and knowledge of the difficulties to reach the desired outcome (a good that lies in the future). Hope motivates us to devote energy to our activities. (

Love: Who do you love? Who loves you? Let us hold on to the life giving and precious relationships.

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I also love to connect on social media on topics of global mobility, cultural dynamics within families and raising multilingual children.

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