Coaching for accompanying spouses with travelling partners

Apart but Together: Parenting together when your partner works away from home

Thursday 30 September, 10 AM CEST/18.00 AEST

This workshop is for expats with travelling partners. In this 90 mins Group Coaching Workshop, you will discover strategies to involve your partner in family life and create a joint life, even if they are away for work. You will have opportunity to explore which strategies could work for you and your family, and maybe discover more as we each share what works for us.


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Apart but Together: Reconnecting as a family after a business trip

Friday 1 October 2021, 10 AM CEST/18.00 AEST

Your partner has just come home from a business trip. They are stressed out from work, you are exhausted from parenting non stop. You want to go out, they want to stay in. Sound familiar ? If you are an expat who has a travelling partner, I invite you to join this FREE 90 min group coaching workshop to identify where frustrations arise and discover strategies to a smoother transition back into family life. The workbook will include personal work for the section on reconnecting as a couple. You will not be asked to share on reconnecting as a couple in small groups.

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