Holding The Fort (Abroad)

When you live in a foreign country and your spouse is frequently travelling for work, you often face a unique set of challenges.

 I am on a mission to collect stories and  strategies from people 'holding the fort' abroad while their spouses travel.  

to hold the fort


If you hold the fort for someone, or, in American English, if you hold down the fort, you look after things for them while they are somewhere else or are busy doing something else.

 «We moved postings and my husband was already on a work trip when the rest of the family arrived»


«My husband works in another country and we see them every eight weeks»


«We live abroad and my partner travels every week for work»

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Focus Group

Saturday 8th August

3PM Geneva, 9AM New York, 8PM Bangkok

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the Focus Group last? 

Between 60 and 90  minutes

Q: What is the discussion for? 

The information learned in the Focus Group will be used to pinpoint the challenges experienced when living an expat life with a husband working away from home. The information will be used in my upcoming book and in blog articles. 

Q: Will my name be used?

No, your name will not be used outside the session. If you would like your story to be featured in the book and your name be used, we can discuss that in a separate session. 

Q: Will the meeting be recorded?  

Yes, we will meet on Zoom and it will be recorded. You do not have to use your video,  You will be able to leave at any time.


Q: How big will the group be? 

6-9 participants maximum 

Upcoming book:

Holding the Fort

March 2021, Summertime Publishing