"Isn't it a lot for one person?"

Listen to the video and find out who told me those words. I also talk about what is in the Solo Parenting Expat Mums' Private Facebook Group. Do you feel that you are coping with too much for one person?  Let's find solutions together on how you can make split locations work for your family. 

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It's a marathon!

"My husband is working in another country and I am exhausted but I have to keep going!"  I hear you. This lifestyle feels like running a marathon sometimes, with no arrival line! Get the Coaching Guide on Endurance here

You are a couple

even when you live miles apart

"There is no time for what I need!"

It is when there is no time, or when a crisis hits, that it is vital to NOT discount our needs. Take responsibility for getting them met, acknowledge feelings surrounding them, identifying them will help. And remember, needs change over time so make sure you re-evaluate regularly, 

Include the parent

working away from home

Boys expressing emotions, not taking dad's place and role models.