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This journey begins with taking responsibility.


And if you are on this page, you have taken the first step. It shows you want to be better equipped to live life with a partner away and kids at home.

I am using my training as a Certified Life Coach, my decade and a half of personal experience, and my research for my upcoming book (Holding the Fort, to be published March 2021) to support EXPAT SOLO PARENTING MUMS!!

It would be an honour and a privilege to serve as your guide as you Solo Parent while your Spouse is Away.



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Join the FREE online community where you:


✓ Will find a group who understands.


✓ Can voice your frustrations.


✓ Ask questions. I am in the group every day and will answer questions you post. 


✓Download FREE checklists, coaching guides and watch videos. 




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It's your first time solo-parenting, you want to: 

✓ Prepare for a long time of separation with your partner. 

✓ Set time aside, as your children are young and you can't be online as often during the day. 

✓ Think about what you and your family are going to need during your time apart. 

✓ Email support between sessions. 

3 Preparation Coaching Sessions

USD 240 / CHF 240 (60 min/session)

2 Coaching Sessions / month

    USD 112 / month (45 minutes/session)

    USD 150 / month (60 minutes/session)



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Your partner is away, and you want to take time to:


✓ To process what is going on in your life.

✓ To talk to someone who will not judge you or tell you what to do.


✓ Figure out how to balance the needs of every member of your family, including yourself! 

✓ Figure out how to GAIN time during the week.

✓ Look at what is working and what you want to change.

✓ Email support between sessions. 

2 Coaching Sessions / month

    USD 112 / month (45 minutes/session)

    USD 150 / month (60 minutes/session)

4 Coaching Sessions / month

    USD 224/ month (45 minutes/session)

    USD 280 / month (60 minutes/session)