About Rhoda Bangerter

Founder of A Multicultural Life and a Certified Life Coach, Rhoda helps expat mums with a travelling partner reduce overload, work on their personal projects, parent and thrive as a couple and have smoother reconnections when the travelling partner comes home from a business trip.


Born to a Welsh father and a Syrian-Armenian mother, raised as a Missionary Kid in France, now married to a Swiss, Rhoda realised just how multicultural she was a few years ago, when she hired a Life Coach. She and her family had moved from NYC to Switzerland and she just didn’t want to start from scratch again. She had moved as an adult about 10 times in 20 years, as a single person to begin with, then as a married person. She had lost her sense of self on the way and didn’t know what she wanted to do. The children were a bit older and she wanted to build something for herself that would work with their life. The coaching changed her life and her outlook so much that she trained as a Life Coach. She also looked into multicultural dynamics, especially applying to families, and many hidden sources of conflict were resolved.

As she and her husband started talking about him working away from home for longer periods of time, that’s when it hit her: he had basically been travelling the whole of their marriage. When reading about the stresses for Accompanying Partners, their partner’s long hours at work and travelling is always mentioned in bulk along with being in a new place, loss of social network, loss of job, and so on. Around the same time, a friend of hers, who is from the US, mentioned her husband’s travel felt different when he was travelling ‘back home’. This piqued Rhoda’s interest as she had only known being an expat wife with a travelling husband.


Since then, she has been focusing on the travelling part of expat life, which has culminated in her book, Holding the Fort Abroad.

Rhoda provides a range of coaching service to solo expat mums. To find out more, please contact her.