About Rhoda Bangerter


Rhoda Bangerter is the founder of A Multicultural Life, a certified coach for accompanying spouses with travelling partners and the author of the book “Holding the Fort Abroad”.  


She was raised in France, with a Welsh dad, a Syrian Armenian mum and is married to a Swiss. Her husband has traveled abroad for work throughout almost their whole marriage. During those years, Rhoda has been solo-parenting and experimenting various ways to hold the fort while creating a joint life in a long distance relationship. 


Along the way, she realised the huge number of men and women around the world who experienced the same challenges but with no resources to guide them through this journey. This led her to run extensive research, share her learnings through the book, Holding The Ford Abroad, and develop her coaching services.

Rhoda speaks about the challenges of solo parenting and how to thrive in multicultural marriages. She has been featured in various platforms such as Families in Global Transition, Coffee with Expat Women, Ute’s international lounge, Tandem Nomads and the Big Purple Blob