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"A fish only discovers its need for water when it is no longer in it. Our own culture is like water to a fish, we live and breathe through it."

Riding the waves of Culture, Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner

Were you raised by parents from different countries? Can you change countries and cultures like a chameleon and yet you have never pinned down who you are or what you want to do in life? Have you embraced that you are international but are there areas of struggle in your life that you cannot explain? Being multicultural brings along with it many rich experiences and exposes us to different ways of doing things, however it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. These are not always as obvious as we think.


I was born in Lebanon, raised in France, my mother is Syrian-Armenian, my father is Welsh. I married a Swiss and we have moved five times in ten years of marriage. I was a happy Cross-Cultural Adult! Yet I was overwhelmed with my life and I couldn't figure it out. It is when I reached out for coaching that my Journey of discovery began. Not only did coaching help me find out who I was, it also opened up to me the world of culture. I realised that there is much more to understanding cultural differences than what we eat or how we greet each other. 

Raising awareness of how culture impacts our multicultural life and providing a space for discussion and information has become my passion. Like my friend Caroline, says, "a multicultural life is a like a wave, it is essential to learn how to surf it". I regularly post articles on aspects of a multicultural life on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can follow me there. Reach out for one-on-one coaching or register via my homepage for an email course on Identity or cross-cultural communication.