Holding The Fort Abroad

When you live in a foreign country and your spouse is frequently travelling for work, you often face a unique set of challenges.

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If you are living abroad and have a partner who travels you may feel you are the only one in your local expat community but overall we are many!!! This book has personal stories from 15 years’ worth experience but stories of other expats living with a partner who constantly has a suitcase being packed and unpacked. It delves into parenting together when miles apart, keeping the connection as a couple, growing personnally and facing life’s challenges within this context. 

 «We moved postings and my husband was already on a work trip when the rest of the family arrived. I settled us all in on my own.»


«We live abroad and my partner travels every week for work. I feel so overwhelmed.»

«My husband works in another country and we see him every eight weeks. I am parenting on my own.»

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