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"A multicultural life is like a wave,

you can learn to surf it or it can hit you in the face"

– Caroline –

If you have more than one culture in your life, you probably totally get what Caroline is talking about! 

Sometimes though, we don't realise that our multicultural life might be playing a role in the lack of direction we feel in our lives and the conflicts that arise in our relationships. When she said it to me, it sounded like the perfect summary of my life. I grew up in France, My dad is British, my mum is from two different countries in the Middle-East, I married a Swiss and we have moved more times than I can count! I thought that I had embraced my international lifestyle. Yet I didn't really know who I was, and what was most important to me! In 2006, I reached out to a Coach and embarked on a Journey of self-discovery. That is when I realised that culture has so much more of an impact on our life than we suspect.

My name is Rhoda Bangerter, I am a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach and I would love to see you surf—figuratively, of course! 

If living with different cultures is your normal and you would like to:

  • Find out how these cultures may interact in your life

  • Find out what truly matters to you most

  • Better understand yourself and the people in your life who
    are from different cultures

  • Take truer to self decisions

My Services


One on One Coaching

Enjoy a space where you will be able to discuss life decisions and transitions

You will:

  • be listened to

  • deepen your thinking and widen your perspective, inclunding  around cultural influences

  • not be judged

  • connect to networks and resources 

Each session costs 40 USD/hour

'Who am I?'

An online course to discover your unique Identity


You will:

  • look at Identity from a multicultural viewpoint

  • find out what your Identity is

  • find out what is most important to you

Cross-Cultural Communication

An online course to smoother multicultural relationships

You will: 

  • reflect on the role of culture in how we communicate

  • identify your cultural map

  • discover where the cultural differences are in your life

  • decide what action step to take at the end of each lesson

  • have access to a bibliography for further reading


"The coaching sessions with Rhoda were a breath of fresh air in a stressful season of life with big transitions ahead. Her cross-cultural background, energetic investment in me, listening ear, and inspiring questions helped me through many ups and downs while studying abroad and navigating a long-distance, cross-cultural relationship. Sometimes what you really just need is someone to journey with you through your process. I’m thankful Rhoda was a part of mine."

Karen B.

"I met Rhoda during a time of great change in my life. Through her active listening, her breathtaking humor, and her experience as an expat, Rhoda opened up new horizons, allowing me to study all the possibilities and to make sure that the professional choices and family choices that I was going to make lined up with my values. Always full of life and kindness, she connected me to different resources (books, networks ...) to allow me to advance on my own path. A big boost in a period of great upheaval! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can only recommend her."

Caroline K.

"Appointments can be done spontaneously and Rhoda is there in challenging moments. Rhoda helped me organise my thoughts and name them. She brought things into perspective and helped "weigh" what was important or what was connected. She asked about my part in the problem solving process. Rhoda is very real and has a story herself, that enables a very honest talk, and makes it easier to be open from the beginning. She brought in bits and pieces from her own experience to relate to, yet she let me write my own story."

Rebekka W.